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HQProp 5.1x4.1x3 Tri-Blade Propellers (8pcs)

Brand name: HQPropSize: 5.1x4.1x3 inchMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 4.7g (each) Mounting hole: 5mmCenter Hub Thickness: 7mmColor: Transparent Red,Transparent blueSuit for most 200mm to 250mm FPV frame, compatible with 2206 2207 23XX brushless motorsPackage included:8pcs HQ Prop 5.1x4.1x3 3-Blade Propeller Note: Propeller only, motors do not includ..


HQProp 5.1x4.6x3 Tri-Blade Propeller (8pcs)

HQProp have released their first version of a POPO propeller in a 5.1x4.6x3 size prop. Following their popular V1S propeller design, this prop checks all the marks of power, efficiency, responsiveness, and durability.Description:Brand name: HQPropSize: 5.1x4.6x3 inchMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 4.8g (each) Mounting hole: 5mmCenter Hub Thickness: ..


HQProp 5X4.3X3 Tri-Blade Propellers (8pcs)

Brand name: HQPropLength: 5 inchPitch: 4.3*Blades: 3Material: Poly CarbonateHub Diameter:13.2mmHub Thickness:7.1mmShaft: 5mmWeight: 3.75gColor: BlackAdaptor Rings: NOPackage included:8pcs * HQ Prop 5x4.3x3 3-Blade PropellerNote: motors do not include!..


EMAX AVAN-R 5065 5inch 3 blade Propeller CW CCW (pack of 8pcs)

Brand name: EmaxItem name: AVAN-R 5065 3-Blade PropellerSize: 5 inchesWeight: 5g/pcsPackage included:4pcs x CW Emax AVAN-R propellers4pcs x CCW Emax AVAN-R propellersNOTE: propellers only, frames, motors, ESCS, Camera all do not include! ..


DALPROP T7056C 3-blade Propeller (pack of 8pcs)

Dalprop high-end CYCLONE series, features faster reaction, easier cornering and less noise, excellent aerodynamics design make it best for drone racing. All rights reserved by Dalprop, 5mm inner diameter,more durable,survive from crashesSPECS:-Item name: DALPROP T7056C-Material: PC-Color: Transparent-Weight: 7.5g-Inner diameter (Prop mount): φ..


GEMFAN FLASH 5149-3 5 inch 3-Blade Propeller (pack of 20pcs)

-Lighter, Faster, more durable, POPO System compatible.-Designed for competition, applicable to any racing tracks.-Lightweight with the only 4.7g.-On the basis of 5152-3, enhance the reaction at low speed. faster acceleration with more timely braking and less moment of inertia.-On the basis of 5055-3, more flexible in operation and air control.Pack..

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EMAX AVAN Flow 5043 5'' 5 Inch 3-Blade Propellers (pack of 8pcs)

* Diameter: 5inches* Pitch: 4.3inches* Number of blades: 3* Weight: 4.3g* Moment of inertia: 14.4 g * cm ^2Package included:4pcs x 5043 propellers CW4pcs x 5043 propellers CCW..


DALPROP Cyclone T5544C Propeller (pack of 20ps)

Since the first Cyclone, DAL props have been designed by a leading aerodynamics professor in China. Within the first few seconds of flying the Cyclone, you can feel the difference like a breath of fresh air. This special quality has been distinctly maintained throughout the Cyclone line again and again.With hundreds of thousands of sets sold each m..


Gemfan 5552 5 Inch 3-Blade Propellers CW CCW (pack of 20pcs)

-Size: 5.5*5.2 inch 3 Blade - Hub Size :5mm - Weight : 6.6g/pcs-Material:PC- For Motor 23xx - 25xx Series- Color : Blue- Center thickness: 7.5mmPackage Included:- 10pcs* 5552 CW Propellers- 10pcs * 5552 CCW Propellers..


DALPROP Cyclone T5249C Propeller CW CCW (8pcs)

New Cyclone T5249C propellers are faster response, higher power than 5’’ props, keep the original 5 inch propeller maneuverable but higher efficiency nd longer flight times, has a redesigned blade scoop that improves the locking into tighter and smooth turns and reduces prop wash. Description:Brand name: DalpropItem name: Cyclone T5249CSize: 5..


Nazgul T5061 5 inch 3-Blade Propeller CW CCW ( pack of 20pcs )

The iFlight Nazgul prop 3061 and 5061 are designed for RACING!!! it featured smart response, high pitch and super power which are best for racing pilots.Specification:- Size: 5.0*6.1 inch 3 Blade - Hub Size: 5mm - Pitch: 6.1inch- Weight : 4.7g/pcs- For Motor 2205-2207- Color: Purple- Material: PCPackage Included:- 10pcs* 5061 CW Propellers- 10pcs* ..


DalProp CYCLONE T5046C 5046 5 inch 3 Blade CW CCW Propeller

Dalprop high-end CYCLONE series, features faster reaction, easier cornering and less noise, excellent aerodynamics design make it best for drone racing. All rights reserved by Dalprop, 5mm inner diameter,more durable,survive from crashesSpecifications:Brand name: DalProp CYCLONEItem name: T5046CSize: 5046 5x4.6Mounting hole: 5mmColor:Transpare..


T-Motor T5143-1 Ultralight Propeller (pack of 20pcs)

This is the T5143-1 T-Motor Ultralight series prop, a lightweight and responsive tri-blade propeller. With its lightweight design, the prop comes in at only 3.8g. This low weight decreases spool up times, which increases feel and responsiveness. Absolutely perfect for lightweight builds or builds with higher KV motors that can take advantage of the..

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