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HQProp 3X4X3 Tri-Blade Propellers (3 sets)

Brand name: HQPropLength: 3 inchPitch:.4Blades: 3Material: PolycarbonateHub Diameter:13mmHub Thicknes:6mmShaft: 5mmWeight: 2.05gColor: BlackAdaptor Rings: NOPackage included:12pcs * HQ Prop 5x4.3x3 3-Blade Propellers..


HQProp 5.1x4.1x3 Tri-Blade Propellers (8pcs)

Brand name: HQPropSize: 5.1x4.1x3 inchMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 4.7g (each) Mounting hole: 5mmCenter Hub Thickness: 7mmColor: Transparent Red,Transparent blueSuit for most 200mm to 250mm FPV frame, compatible with 2206 2207 23XX brushless motorsPackage included:8pcs HQ Prop 5.1x4.1x3 3-Blade Propeller Note: Propeller only, motors do not includ..


HQProp 5.1x4.6x3 Tri-Blade Propeller (8pcs)

HQProp have released their first version of a POPO propeller in a 5.1x4.6x3 size prop. Following their popular V1S propeller design, this prop checks all the marks of power, efficiency, responsiveness, and durability.Description:Brand name: HQPropSize: 5.1x4.6x3 inchMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 4.8g (each) Mounting hole: 5mmCenter Hub Thickness: ..


HQProp 5X4.3X3 Tri-Blade Propellers (8pcs)

Brand name: HQPropLength: 5 inchPitch: 4.3*Blades: 3Material: Poly CarbonateHub Diameter:13.2mmHub Thickness:7.1mmShaft: 5mmWeight: 3.75gColor: BlackAdaptor Rings: NOPackage included:8pcs * HQ Prop 5x4.3x3 3-Blade PropellerNote: motors do not include!..


Nazgul 5140 Tri-blades CW CCW Propellers (3sets)

Brand Name: iFlightItem Name: 5140 5 Inch Durable 3-Blades Propeller Model: Nazgul 5140Blades: 3 bladesMaterial: polycarbonateMounting: 5mm center hole Color: Transparent Grey, Transparent blue, Transparent red Quantity: 6 CW & 6 CCWPackage Included:6pcs x Nazgul 5140 Propeller CW6pcs x Nazgul 5140 Propeller CCW..


HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers (3sets)

HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers (3set)Color: Black and transparent purpleFeature:Propeller Diameter: 2 inchPitch: 2.5  Blades : 3Material: Poly Carbonate  Fits for CineBee 4K whoop FPV dronePackage included:6pcs x HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers CW6pcs x HQProp T2X2.5X3 Tri-Blades Propellers CCW..


HQPROP T3X2 Propellers CW CCW (3sets)

HQPROP T3X2 Propellers CW CCW (3sets)Color: transparent grey, green, transparent red, transparent blue, transparent orangePackage included:6pcs x HQPROP T3X2 Propellers CW6pcs x HQPROP T3X2 Propellers CCWNOTE: propeller only, motor does not include...


Gemfan 75MM Tri-Blade Propellers (3 sets)

Brand: GemfanType: 75mm Ducted propellerBlades:3-BladePitch: 3.4inMaterial: PCWeight/g : 1.9gCenter Hole Inner diameter: 5mmProp Disk Diameter: 75mmCenter Thickness: 7mmMax Prop Width : 15.3mmAdaptive Motor : 1408-1808Recommended Motor :1408-3600kvPackage Included:2 X CW Prop2 X CCW Prop..


DALPROP CYCLONE T5047C FPV Propellers (3sets)

Specification:Brand name: DalpropItem name: CYCLONE T5047CMaterial: PC+ABSHub: 5mmWeight: 5.3gRecommended Motor: 2306/2207/2305, 2500-2750KVColor: Fluor Green, Red, Orange, WhiteCrystal Turquoise, Crystal Blue, Crystal Purple, Crystal BlackFeature:Support the POPO systemFaster response, higher powerKeep the original 5” props maneuverableHigher effi..


HQ 31mm 1mm Propeller (3sets)

HQ 31mm 1mm Propeller (3sets)Brand name: HQPropMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 0.25g (each) Mounting hole: 1mmColor:BlackSuit for most 66mm FPV frame, compatible with 0802 1mm shaft brushless motorsPackage included:6pcs x HQ 31mm 1mm Propeller CW6pcs x HQ 31mm 1mm Propeller CCW..


HQPROP T3X3 Propellers CW CCW (3sets)

HQPROP T3X3 Propellers CW CCW (3sets)Color: PinkPackage included:6pcs x HQPROP T3X3 Propellers CW6pcs x HQPROP T3X3 Propellers CCWNOTE: motor does not include...


M10 M8 M5.5 Screw Nut Wrench Tool

Weight: 17.46gUsage for M5.5 M8 M10 motor bulletpackage included:1pc x Motor WrenchNote: motor does not include...


HQProp Micro Whoop Prop 40mm 1.6X1.6X4 1.5mm Shaft (12pcs)

HQProp Micro Whoop Prop 40mm 1.6X1.6X4 1.5mm Shaft (12pcs)Brand name: HQPropSize: 1.6x1.6x4 inchMaterial: polycarbonateWeight: 0.33g (each) Mounting hole: 1.5mmColor: Purple, Orange, BlackSuit for most 80mm FPV frame, compatible with 1104 1103 1.5mm shaft brushless motorsPackage included:6pcs x 1.6X1.6X4 propeller CW6pcs x 1.6X1.6X4 propeller ..


HQ Prop 6x3.5x3 POPO Tri-Blade Propellers (4pcs)

Brand:HQPropeller Diameter: 6 inchPitch : 3.5Blades : 3Material : Poly CarbonateWeight : 6.2gPOPO: Yescolor:greyPackage included:2x CCW Props2x CW PropsNote: motors do not include!..


DALPROP Q2035C Propeller (3sets)

Brane name: DalpropItem name: cyclone Q2035C propellerMaterial: PC+ABSColor: black, crystal blue, crystal purple (optional)Inner diameter (Prop mount): φ1.5mm Length: φ50.8mmPackage included:6pcs x Q2035C propeller CW6pcs x Q2035C propeller CCW..


Gemfan 5043 5 Inch Tri-blade Propeller (4pcs)

Brand Name: GemfanModel: Windancer 5043Item Name:5043 5x4.3 5 Inch 3-Blade PropellerMaterial:PCQuantity: 2 CW + 2 CCW ( Same Color )Color: Starry Sky/ Transparent/ Transparent Purple/ Blue/ Yellow/  ( Optional)Mounting hole: 5mmCenter Hub Thickness: 7mmWeight: 4g/pcCompatible motor: 2205-2306Reccomend motor: 2206Package Included:2pcs x 5043 Pr..

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