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DJI FPV Lens Protector

Effectively protects the camera lens during flight. The metal protector, tempered glass protective lens, and the glass lens are all detachable. The metal protector can also be mounted with screws onto the camera frame.Features:Easy modular assembly and disassemblyLightweight designTipsOnly the two camera screws that are not coated with tamper-evide..


DJI FPV Air Unit MMCX 90° to SMA Cable (Pair)

MMCX to SMA adapter cable connects the DJI FPV Air Unit with the DJI FPV Air Unit Antenna (SMA).SpecificationsMMCX Straight to SMA Cable:Both the MMCX straight and SMA are standard, and the cable is 83 mm long.IncludesDJI FPV Air Unit MMCX to SMA Cable x 2pcs..


MMCX to RP-SMA Female Adapter Cable (pair)

MMCX to RP-SMA Female Adapter CableBoth the MMCX straight and RP-SMA Female are standard.Total Length:10cmPackage inclued:2pcs x MMCX to RP-SMA Female Adapter Cable ..


Ublox NEO-M8N BN-280 GPS Module for Long Range Drone

- With U-blox M8 - Can simultaneously acquire and track different GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite) system, parallel to receive - GPS (QZSS) and GLONASS or BeiDou, or while receiving GLONASS and BeiDou.- Specially adapted to the needs to the highest availability and accuracy of high-performance applications, even if is in the GPS signal poor ..

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