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DC10 10 inch Macro FPV Frame Kit 6mm 8mm Arms Option

The DC10 Macro FPV Frame designed for Cinematic and Long range flight,the DC10 is built with 6mm carbon fiber arms, and 3mm carbon fiber body,it is rigid frame allows for the smoothest videos for those cinematic and long-range flights. The deadcat layout allows for no props in view, even with 10″ props and lower camera tilt.Features-Solid carbon fi..


iXC15 950mm X-CLASS Racing Frame

There’re more and more pilots becoming interested in racing bigger drones because mini-quads are reaching their performance limits, but X Class drones have lots of room to grow. Most of the large size gear that we used was created for aerial video platforms. They have the lifting power, but they’re not built for speed or the responsiveness that we ..


XL8 V3 8 inch Long Range FPV Freestyle Frame

This freestyle frame gives you not only ultimate control over weight distribution and option allowing the use of GoPro size camera gimbal.but also offering a reversible build orientation for a true mid-mount setup.Features:- Chamfered Edge High quality Pure 3K carbon plate- Adjustable camera placement- Top mounted battery for optimal CG - True..

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