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SucceX 60A Plus BLHeli_32 4-in-1 ESC

iFlight SucceX 60A Plus 32bit BL Dshot1200 4in1 ESC was designed to give your motors smooth power with great stability and durability. The 32bit 48mHz 3-IN 1 STM32F051  MCU, Metal MOSFET, TDK MLCC Low ESR ceramic capacitors provide high efficiency and better heat dissipation.Standard 30.5*30.5 Φ4mm  mounting holes; Vibration and impact ca..


SucceX Mini 35A 2-6S 4 in 1 ESC Dshot1200

The latest developed BLHeli-32-bit 35A 4-in-1 mini ESC is highly integrated, greatly reduced from the standard size, features excellent performance, supports 6S, the target is iFlight-BL32-4IN1.Supporting Dshot, Multishot, Oneshot, etc. The soldering pad is semi-extended, save more room but solid.Features:* STM32F051 MCU , fast responding;* Added a..

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DShot is a new communication protocol between flight controller (FC) and ESC, substitute to Oneshot and Multishot. DShot stands for Digital Shot.The advantage of DShot:Compared to Oneshot and Multishot, we are informed that DShot is better because:*No More ESC Calibration Required (no oscillator drift)*More Accurate ESC Signal, and more robust agai..


iPeaka 35A 4 IN 1 DSHOT 600 BLHELI_S ESC w/Built-in 5V 12V BEC

Descriptions:The mainstream ESCs used in FPV racing quads are equipped with MOS-FET of 3.3x3.3mm. MOSFETs of these dimensions are typically lower in efficiency and reliability. With the same overall dimensions, our carefully designed iPeaka series of high performance ESCs are furnished of 6 standard sized MOS-FETs in a larger size of 5x6mm, to meet..

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