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Review: iflight turbobee 120rs or 136rs (v2)

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iFlight recently released two new micro models – the Turbobee 120RS V2 and 136RS V2. These are 2.5″ and 3″ micro quads that have been upgraded from the original Turbobee from a few months back.Check out my other “toothpick” style micro quad reviews.Where to Buy iFlight Turbobee V2?120RS (2S Ver...

DC5 HD Frame w/DJI Digital FPV Air Unit

Dc5 hd frame w/dji digital fpv air unit

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The DC5 HD frame is designed for the DJI FPV system, with custom camera side plates, TPU print bracket for DJI FPV Air Unit and antennas. The carbon fiber camera plates plus TPU print inserts provides the best mounting solution for your DJI camera. And the TPU print bracket is specially designed for...

We've launched our new website!

We've launched our new website!

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We've launched our new website – and we're excited to introduce you to our new look~FPV Drone is evolving rapidly and drone technology is developing rapidly. Over the last few years, we have been working with racing drones, drone solution system, motor, flight controllers, speed controllers and dron...


Review: iflight ih3 micro quad with split mini camera

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In this review we will check out the iH3 micro quad – an RTF drone (pre-built) with a Runcam Split Mini HD camera. The Split Mini records 1080p HD footage, and can be used as the FPV camera at the same time.In many countries, drones above 250g require registration. We are now exploring possibility i...

Guide to Beginner’s FPV Drones and Goggles

Guide to beginner’s fpv drones and goggles

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Learn how to fly your drone with First-Person-View (FPV). FPV flying is a lot of fun and easy to do. Start flying in no time at all.Traditionally, quadcopters or drones, as they are more commonly known, are flown using the line-of-sight method. The pilot looks at the drone from their position on the...

iFlight DOVE Super Light Racing Frame

Iflight dove super light racing frame

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iFlight DOVE Super Light Racing FrameI recently built an ultralight racing drone – the lightest 5″ mini quad I have ever built, and it’s awesome! I want to share my experience on the advantages and limitations of ultralight racing drone when it comes to building and flying.Further Reading: How to bu...

Racing Drone Buyers Guide

Racing drone buyers guide

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What’s In This GuideThis buyer’s guide is for first-time drone racers who want to educate themselves on:what FPV/drone racing is all aboutthe most important factors & features to consider when buying a racing rc drone; and,the best racing drones to buy.What Is A Racing Drone?Drone Racing League ...

Best iFlight Ready-To-Fly FPV Racing Drones for 2018

Best iflight ready-to-fly fpv racing drones for 2018

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Best Ready-To-Fly FPV Racing Drones for 2018No doubt, Drone racing is quickly becoming one of the hottest hobbies around, If you are new to racing drones and want to give it a try without all the headache and technical knowledge required to build your own racing drone kit, then a Ready To Fly FPV Ra...


What is fpv freestyle, and how is it different than drone racing?

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The following piece is a guest post by FPV drone pilot BMac. Check out his YouTube Channel BMac FPV or his website FPV Drone Pro.FPV drone racing is blazing a path to becoming the next big E-sport of the world.While drone racing has been happening for years, some say drone racing became an official ...