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Announcing our new logo and look!

Announcing our new logo and look!

Big news! Today, after 4 years, we’re releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font. You’ll see the new look anywhere we’re out in public, like our website, Facebook, and Twitter; very soon you’ll see it in all of our products, as well.

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IFLIGHT Updated G15 3-Axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal

G15 is an affordable 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with solid carbon fiber frame, strong, silent brushless motors and equipped with joystick built into the grip. It features 2 gyro sensors and a 32-bit BASECAM controllers.Max. payload of 1-1.8kgs, ideal for DSLR cameras.Ready to use product, tested and shipped with pre-configured settings.
The included joystick makes it possible (in addition to camera position control) to quickly reach and switch between the 6

eX250 Sport FPV Racing ARF Quadcopter

eX250 Sport FPV Racing ARF Quadcopter

-Pre-Assembled in (ARF) Almost Ready to Fly and (RTF) Ready to Fly configurations-Multi-layer carbon fiber airframe keeps things light while providing the strength racers demand and allowing quick change of components-Integrated electronics all combined on a PCB with a modular design (CC3D, OSD, & PMU with ESC's on a seperate quick change module)-The battery position is right on the CG creating balanced and precise flight characteristics in all flight orientations

iFlight flycat260 racer Promotions end!!
iFlight Flycat260 promotion end. 
There were about 500 participants, thank you for joining in this promotion!
Below is the promotion lottery live video:
Free flycat260 racer has been shipped out to the first prize winner ----- Michael Lassiter 
For second & third prize winners, we have sent the coupon codes by email!
FlyCat 260 V1 FPV Racer Frame

The FlyCat 260 V1 is compact and functional design features proper electronics positioning to minimize mutual EMI / RF interference and optimize FPV gear performance, while also protecting all vital components by the airframe armor. Yet, all components remain easy to access! It supports both 5″ and 6″ propellers easily.

Its unique shape aids in orientation and makes it a very good LOS flying trainer as well as being an ultimate FPV racer which is

IFLIGHT G40 Lite Handheld Gimbal

IFLIGHT G40 Lite is super light handheld gimbal for Micro Single cameras such as Sony NEX5/7,RX-100,BMPCC and other micro -SLR camera,supported cameras weight from 300g to 600g range.The G40 Lite is the most light one in the market,and as well as undefeatable cheap price too.Simple and very clean wire around the gimbals.

The G40 Lite is specially featured light in weight and supported multicopter platform by switching the anti-vibration mount

StreamPack for GoPro4/3,3+,2 Real Time Image Transmission

StreamPack is a plug and play wireless video transmitter device broadcasting in real time.Paired with a monitor with 5.8Ghz receiver enables you to watch GoPro vision remotely from up to 200meters with zero latency.With buit-in lithium battery,StreamPack can operate more than 4 hours continuously.Supporting GoPro3/3+ and latest GoPro 4(all versions)

FPV 250 MINI Quadcopter Racer

250 Class FPV MINI Quadcopters are the only racing quadcopter which could integrate camera, FPV transmission system, battery, ESC, 5.8G wireless transmitter, antennal, GPS, etc. electronic components on the frame throught directly plugging in or soldering. It could reduce the wiring and installing time. The body adopts 2.1mm pure carbon fiber material, featuring simple structure, high durable and lower price.


Due to the Chinese New Year Holiday, we will out of office and limited access to the e-mail from Feb.13, 2015 to Feb.24, 2015.

For urgent cases, please feel free to contact us via:

- Email [email protected]

- Hotline +86-186-2387-7638 - 86-135-1063-1596

New SteadyFone3 smartphone stabilizer

IFLIGHT presents you with the best Handheld Cell Phone Gimbal Stabilizer on the market. This is a must have for getting very smooth footage using a smart phone. Smart phones are getting better and better with video quality, supplement that with our handheld gimbal stabilizer and you will get amazing footage!